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Most people have ideas, but you really need to ask yourself are you a procrastinator or are you a doer ?

This is how procrastinators think:

The fact is, I am yet to meet someone who comes out with an idea that is not already in place in one shape or another.

The fact that somebody is creating your product, validates the market. Don't be discouraged, be encouraged that there are customers willing to pay for a service you were thinking of offering.

Ideas & Reviews

Suresh Kancharlla

Want to change the whole structure of our Village Central Pond, can you suggest some ideas to make it beautiful forever.

Posted Date : 25 February 2019 : 06:00 PM

Praveen Ravuri

Growup cultivation levels using modern German technics, want support from every farmer of Jammulapalem to implement this.

Posted Date : 26 February 2019 : 08:00 AM

Harikrishna Bezawada

Want to design a watch which can help every body in 100% Critical Sitations too. So, can somebody helpout with your way of security.

Posted Date : 26 February 2019 : 16:08 PM

Rahul Gaddam

The world is leading towards Binary things, the Students in the villages should be experienced Modern Programming knowledge. Waiting for Hand On Support.

Posted Date : 26 August 2019 : 13:38 PM

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