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JAMMULAPALEM is Hi-Tech village located in southern part of INDIA nearer to Ongole. From past 20 Years she's renowned in Agriculture, Educationalists, Youngesters and Many more sectors. With ample interest of the so many NRI's living around the Digital World from this place were helping lot for the development of the village. So, lets come and know more about Jammulapalem.

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We have lots of facilities In JAMMULAPALEM, here are some of them.


  • In Government school Kg - 10th Classes with both EM & TM available.
  • Free Education for every class
  • Hightly Qualified persons teaches here.
  • Special time for Sports everyday.
  • Academic toppers will be awarded in every class.


  • Busses available from 5:00 AM - 10:00 PM everyday to Ongole, Kondapi.
  • Direct Busses available to HYDERABAD everyday in nights.
  • Auto also available from Jammulapalem to all the nearby towns.
  • Goods transportation vehicles too provided by Private members in any time.

Jobs Available

  • Temporary & Permanent Jobs available in and around JAMMULAPALEM.
  • Agriculture Income is the major source to lead life.
  • Some other works also available.
  • Tutoring to the Students for Educated guys.

Latest Updates

SANKRANTI 2020 conducted for 5 days from January 13th 2020 to 17th.

Organizers of SANKRANTI have told that, "2020's (19th year) will be celebrated with more events never happened before. This will be celebrated for 5 days from 13th January 2020.

Recent Updates

Ganesh chavithi is one of the biggest festival and it spread Happiness for 9 Days with Devotional mood, entertainment and other friendly activities.

Devotees in JAMMULAPALEM prayed to Lord Shiva during Karteeka Pournami season in all Temples in JMP in the month of November.

~ 2500


200 +


150 +


Behind this Layout Development

We love to make our birth place technically very stong, meet the developers behind the development.

Rahul Gaddam Image

Rahul Gaddam S/O Umadevi Ramarao

I loves to Develop the sites for large scale applications.

Bezawada Harikrishna Image

Harikrishna Bezawada S/O Seenamma Venkateswarlu

Being a Developer always makes me spectular to Design & Develop various Applications.

Join your hands to develop JAMMULAPALEM with your Idea. This is the best place to express your ideas...

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